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最适合Apple Watch的10款配件

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10 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

By David NieldTuesday May 19, 201510 of the best accessories for your new Apple WatchThe top straps, charging docks, cases and more for your Apple smartwatch The best Apple Watch accessoriesTuesday May 19, 2015By David Nield@davidnieldTuesdayMay 19, 2015By David Nield@davidnield

If you're going to spend your hard earned money on a new Apple Watch, you'll be wanting some killer accessories to go alongside it.

Luckily, as happened with the iPhone and iPad, a glut of enterprising manufacturers and startups have risen to the challenge of providing extra products that fit with the Apple Watch's aesthetic.

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We've rounded up some of the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing Apple Watch accessories below – whether you want to transport your Apple Watch in style, need somewhere to charge it overnight, or want to design a strap of your own, there's an accessory out there to help.


Best Apple Watch accessories

No one knows better than you what your perfect Apple Watch strap is going to look like, so why not design your own? That's exactly what Casetify lets you do: you can pick a photo from Instagram, Facebook or your computer to create your own strap through Casetify's website or smartphone app.

You can select from a variety of layouts once you have the image you want, or choose from one of Casetify's suggested strap designs if you're stuck for inspiration. The ordering process lets you specify whether you're getting a 38mm or a 42mm Apple Watch and shipping is expected to begin in June.


Nomad Pod

So you forgot to charge your Watch overnight and now you're down to 12%. It's not even lunchtime and you're nowhere near a plug socket. Luckily, you can simply juice-up on the go from the pocket-sized Pod.

It boasts a battery pack big enough to hold four full Apple Watch charges and charges up itself using a regular Micro USB port. What's more, it opens up so you wrap your charging cable up neatly inside.


Griffin WatchStand

Best Apple Watch accessories

Apple says its dinky wearable is going to need charging every night, so why not make sure it's looking its best while it's by your bed? Griffin has a good pedigree as far as phone accessories go so you can be sure that this moulded WatchStand pedestal is going to be well-built and sturdy enough.

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There's even room for your iPhone to lie along the front of the stand as well. Griffin says the WatchStand can fit both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches with any straps attached – you simply feed up the magnetic charging cable supplied with the smartwatch to the top of the stand and you're ready to go.


X-Doria Defense Edge

Best Apple Watch accessories

If you've got a valuable new wearable on your wrist the last thing you need is it getting scraped or bumped while you're out and about. Enter the X-Doria Defense Edge: an aluminium casing with a soft rubber lining designed to protect your latest gadget from harm (or at least the sides of the watch).

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Different cases are available for both the 38mm and 42mm versions of the Apple Watch, and (on paper at least) it sounds as high quality as the smartwatch. Installation is as simple as snapping the watch into the case and then you won't have to worry so much about catching your wrist on anything.


Reserve Strap

Best Apple Watch accessories

We've heard a lot about how good, bad or ugly the Apple Watch's battery might end up being, and if it's a little on the shaky side then Reserve Strap has the answer for you – this rubber band packs in 400mAh of extra power to make sure your wearable keeps going into the evening and beyond.

It replaces the existing Apple Watch strap but leaves room for the sensors to work. The only real downside is the rather high price, and that's just to reserve a pre-order – the design and internal engineering is still being refined according to the inventors, so you might be waiting a while to see it arrive.


Pad & Quill Roll Up Kit

Best Apple Watch accessories

The Apple Watch is designed to go everywhere you go, so make sure it travels in style: the Pad & Quill Roll Up Kit certainly fits the bill in that regard, offering a pouch made from full grain American leather and lined with a soft, linen interior (designed to protect your Apple Watch from nicks and scratches).

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There's room for the Apple smartwatch, your charging cable and an extra strap, and once rolled up everything is ready to pop into your bag or your coat pocket. If you have any extra cash to spare then you can go for the luxury edition which includes a pocket stand as well as the roll up leather wallet.


Composure Charger Dock

Best Apple Watch accessories

Another charging dock, this time one that's a little more restrained and refined than the Griffin WatchStand featured above. The Composure Charger Dock takes the MagSafe inductive charger supplied by Apple and encases it in a solid block made from steel and topped with a walnut wood finish.

The idea is that you don't waste time hunting around for the end of the charging cable when you need to replenish the Apple Watch's battery – the heavy steel base means the dock shouldn't shift position easily. Shipping is scheduled to begin 6-7 weeks after the Apple Watch goes on sale.


Mega Tiny Corp screen protector

Best Apple Watch accessories

Screen protectors have become commonplace for smartphones and Mega Tiny Corp has come up with the same idea for your smartwatch (though quite how it works with the wearable's force touch technology remains to be seen). It promises edge-to-edge protection for 38mm or 42mm models.

According to the Amazon listing, the protector is made to be bubble-free, smudge-resistant and shatter-proof, so if you do want something to protect your smartwatch's precious glass then this could be just the ticket. It also guards against laser-shooting robots and zombie attacks, apparently.


WaterField Time Travel Case

Best Apple Watch accessories

Another case for keeping your Apple Watch snug and well-protected while you're travelling from place to place (assuming it's not just strapped to your wrist of course). WaterField makes cases for laptops, smartphones and tablets so it should know what it's doing when it comes to a smartwatch pouch.

When buying your case you can choose from black nylon or cowhide leather (for $10 extra) in a choice of colours. The interior pockets are padded and there's enough room to fit an Apple Watch, its bundled charger, a smartphone (presumably an iPhone), a pair of ear buds and an extra watch strap or two.


Monowear Straps

Best Apple Watch accessories

Let's move on to straps, often the most popular accessories for watches, whether they're smart or not. The Monowear Straps are launching through Kickstarter (the campaign page has already exceeded its target) and the aim is to give you more choices when picking a band for your Apple smartwatch.

In case none of Apple's combinations take your fancy, Monowear has 10 different alternatives for you to pick from, covering leather, nylon and metal in a variety of colours. They're designed to be just as easy to swap in and out as Apple's own bands, so you'll always have something to match every occasion.

From $45,


最适合Apple Watch的10款配件





我们已经圆角一些最抢眼的和引人注目低于苹果手表配件 - 是否要运输您的Apple关注的风格,需要在某处它整夜充电,或者想设计自己的皮带,还有一个配件在那里帮助





$ 50,




拥有一个电池组大到足以容纳四个全Apple关注的收费和收费了自己使用的是常规的micro USB接口简单汁了。更重要的是,它让你换你的充电线整齐里面.

$ 59.95,

Griffin WatchStand


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甚至还有的房间为您的iPhone沿着支架的正面位于为好。格里芬说,WatchStand可以容纳两个38毫米和42毫米苹果手表附带任何肩带 - 您只需养活用的SmartWatch提供的磁性充电电缆支架的顶部,你准备好去.

$ 29.99,





$ 29.99,


我们已经听说了很多关于如何好,坏或丑陋的苹果手表的电池可能最终会被,如果它是一个小的摇摇欲坠侧则储备表带有你的答案 - 在额外的电源400mAh的这种橡皮筋包,以确保您的可穿戴不断进入傍晚和超越.

它将取代现有的苹果表带,但余地传感器工作。唯一真正的缺点是相当高的价格,而这只是为了保留一个预购 - 设计和内部工程仍在按精发明者,所以你可能会等待一段时间才能看到它到达.

$ 249.99,






$ 49.99,




我们的想法是,你不要浪费时间四处狩猎为充电结束沉重的钢铁基地是指码头不应该轻易移动位置 - 当您需要补充Apple关注的蓄电池电缆。运输计划开始6-7周后,Apple关注上市销售.

$ 79,




$ 6.99,




$ 49,



让我们继续以绑带,往往是最流行的配饰手表,无论他们是聪明与否。该Monowear肩带通过Kickstarter的推出(活动页面已经超出了它的目标),而目的是给你更多的选择为你的苹果的SmartWatch .



每一次匹配从$ 45